Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Testimonials / Reviews

I just wanted to say that the floats you have made are the best floats that I have used. I find them to hold just enough shot that I use and have a very good flow to them and handles superb in any kind of water flow. And aslo found that they have very little friction in the water when fighting a Steelhead. Unlike the Sheffields and the Blackbird plastic floats that brake on contact of rocks or hard ice, I have not yet broke one of your floats due to I use Fireline as my my line. I use them on all my guides and would recommend anyone to use them over the store bought floats. Cant wait to test them out crappie fishing.
And again, surperb floats Joe!

Rob Beverly
Robs Guide Service

Joe Montello makes some of the best floats I have ever fished with. By using his craftsmanship and skill, Joe has produced many floats that track well, are very sensitive and they sustain through the conditions of the Great Lakes fishery. Joe's floats are also very easy to see which helps when making the perfect long distance drifts that many steelhead fisherman are in pursuit of. I recommend giving Joe's floats a try. You will not be disappointed.
Sal Saia

I've had the good fortune to not only fish Joe's floats for over 2 years, but also watch him 'burning balsa', as we like to say. All I can say is his craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb and the end result is the finest float money can buy. I fished one float for darn near 6 months. It ended up in trees, was stepped on and bounced off a few bridge pylons and still tracked flawlessly. Joe's floats perform beautifully and are practically bomb-proof.
Steve D.

Absolutely the best floats Ive come across on the market today. Thanks Joe for making quality floats in every size I need for steelhead alley rivers & tribs.
tightlines to you!

I would like to thank Joe at Fish On Floats for producing a truely remarkable float. Using other brands of floats for different styles of fishing, I was presented with a pack of floats from Joe and all I can say is WOW! They track well in river conditions and are bouyant enough for any shotting pattern as the different shapes and styles allow for varying conditions. They also work well for pond, lake and im impressed with them through the ice. Very well made, durable, and looks excellent. Will be looking forward to new styles in the future and now is my float of choice!.

Chris Furlong