Saturday, January 31, 2009

Handmade Floats

Here is an easy way I make FLOATS IN A DAY !!!!!.... anyone can do it ...Hope this helps

I was thinking there has got to be a faster way to make floats than staining them so I looked around and thought what would dry really quick but yet still look nice when it is all said and done.. I saw a majic marker laying on my bench and said lets give this a try and here is what I can up with

Cut piece of balsa and turn it down ...takes roughly 5 minutes

Then you glue it up ....roughly 1 minute

Then you get out the majic marker and color it ......takes roughly 2 minutes

Then you put it in front of a fan to speed up the drying time of the marker ....I let it dry for about 15 minutes.
then dip it in primer .....dry to touch in 2 hours in front of fan .....dip in hot orange paint this point I used a fan and the help of my wood burning stove to dry it in about 4 hours ....MAKE SURE PRIMER AND PAINT ARE BOTH FULLY DRY OR YOU WILL HAVE AN ADHESION PROBLEM !!!
Apply 2 coats of FAST DRYING MINWAX Polyurethane and sand floats between each coat ....2 hours of drying time between each coat......... Finished Product

This float works GREAT when fishing Single Salmon Egg's

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