Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stream Access / Solitude.....Getting Harder To Come By

I talked to a local landowner a few days ago and I asked him if I could get permission to fish on his property ( even though I seen it was clearly posted )....He looked kind of shocked at me and said I was the first person to ever ask him if it was ok to fish his property . I asked him why he posted his land in the first place ...and he told me that he is always catching people sneeking onto his property and just fishing and not even having the common courtesy of asking him if it is ok ....Like the landowner told me it's NOT A RIGHT to be able to hunt and fish on someone else's property it's a privledge ( SO TRUE ) . After talking to the landowner I put on my gear and walked down to the river and all I could say to my myself was this stretch is a centerpinners dream it has a trough that is roughly 100 yards long that has gravel above and below it got into some real nice fish that were ballistic once they were hooked ...What a blast that were not beat on by the masses and solitude ..That is hard to find these days.


gribble said...

Amen! I'm glad We both have legal access there .. lol..

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog. I started mine out mostly about my trout expeditions in TN, but I have not gotten on the streams in a while so there are now a lot of other random posts on there.I'd love for you to see some of my catches in my earlier posts! Keep on Fishin!

Sean Swatsky said...

Joe, gald to see you bringing this to light. This is a topic that should stay in the forefront of ALL anglers discussions. It will affect us the most.